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Best fridge and freezer brands in Kenya are Samsung and LG.Von hotpoint also have the best refrigerators.Other good brands include ramtons,bruhm,ariston,mika,brandy haier,hisense etc. Siemens,Panasonic,Toshiba,mielle,sharp,hitachi,bosch,beko,zanussi,indesit,AEG have the best  appliances worldwide just that it’s tough getting spare parts in kenya. It is always a rush against time to save food items in the fridge or freezer that

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Which are the best washing machine brands in Kenya

Samsung and LG appliances are arguably the appliances,durable and with readily available spare parts. They are quite pricey compared to other brands like mika,hotpoint,ramtons,ariston,beko,bruhm. Bosch,whirlpool,AEG and Siemens appliances are of high quality but it becomes hard to get a spare part because they don’t have a service centre like LG and Samsung. Do not be

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Common washing machine problems and how to resolve them

Washing machine fills and drains water at the same time; Most common cause for this is syphoning.Check behind the machine,the drainage water pipe might be lying on the ground.Raise the pipe and see if this stops,it definitely should.If not,the water drainage pump is faulty,this needs cleaning or replacement. Washing machine won’t fill in water: A

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What causes a washing machine spin belt to slip off?

A belt will fall off if worn out,the solution is to replace the belt.Get the right belt number,you can get this from amazon or alibaba. Open the back of the machine to assess the motor and the belt. A loosely hooked motor will cause the belt to fall off,this can be tightened without calling in

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Why does my washing machine make strange noises?

Any washing machine,new or old, will make strange noises if not not well balanced.Get the right spanner and adjust the legs. A new washing machine has intact bearings,ensuring to remove transportation bolts and nuts during installation to avoid vibration. Apart from worn out bearings,broken spiders and imbalance,objects stuck in the drum will make noise during

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4e or 4c error:Problem with water leakage or water supply,clean the kinked inlet pipes and the sieve,check for any leakages. E4 e,f4,IE,f06,fo1 error:The washing machine is not getting enough water,clean the sieves and increase the water pressure. 4e1,4e2:The washer has an issue with the temperature,check with the temperature sensor.The machine could be overheating,switch off the

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