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Best fridge and freezer brands in Kenya are Samsung and LG.Von hotpoint also have the best refrigerators.Other good brands include ramtons,bruhm,ariston,mika,brandy haier,hisense etc.

Siemens,Panasonic,Toshiba,mielle,sharp,hitachi,bosch,beko,zanussi,indesit,AEG have the best  appliances worldwide just that it’s tough getting spare parts in kenya.

It is always a rush against time to save food items in the fridge or freezer that are in danger of going bad, a big loss if the groceries and other items are not salvaged on time.

We offer same day services in Nairobi and beyond.

We have the best,experienced and certified technicians to help resolve the issues on time.

We are well equipped in handling different brands of refrigerators,you only give us a model number and a good description of the issue at hand,this helps our technicians to know what to carry to avoid up and down trips to get the right spare part in case they are needed.

Good to know how to resolve basic refrigerator problems before calling in a technician.

The common problems include.

Refrigerator is leaking water;Most of the time,your fridge will leak water if the drain hose is kinked with food particles.This leads to accumulation of ice.This has to be resolved because if not,the floor could become slippery and hazardous.High risks of electric shocks.To resolve this,switch off the fridge for some time for complete defrost.

The fridge is not cold but the freezer is:The fan could be the issue because is distributes cold air in the fridge.The could be because of too much ice on the fan that it can move normally,try defrosting and see this works.Also checked if the damer is clogged or not.If the fan does not run,then this has to be replaced,call us on 0790076362 for help.For inverter board fridges,check the temperature control board.Using a digital meter,check the thermistor for continuity,a technician should be called in for this.

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