Washing machine Power Control Panel

A faulty power control panel is the worst statement any client would want to hear.Why?because this is one of the expensive part of a laundry washing machine.Control panels are not compatible like the inlet valves,spin motors and the drainage pumps,for control panels,one has to the exact one using using the model number.

The other challenge is that most service providers are coming up with new makes to match their competitors,after like 5 years the older model is discontinued making is tough to get the parts.If a laundry washing machine is not well maintained,then the sad news is that,you will end up throwing away a good machine when a part like pcb and the spin motors becomes faulty.

How do you takecare of your washer to last longer?Ensure the machine has a power guard which protects the machine from power surger,switch off main power after using the washing machine and general maintenance after 6 months or yearly depending on workload.

We have Pcbs for samsung,LG,bosch and  von hotpoint
We also help ship in control boards for other brands like whirlpool,AEG,GE,ramtoms,mika,haier,electrolux,sharp,toshiba,siemens and other brands.

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