• 4e or 4c error:Problem with water leakage or water supply,clean the kinked inlet pipes and the sieve,check for any leakages.
  • E4 e,f4,IE,f06,fo1 error:The washing machine is not getting enough water,clean the sieves and increase the water pressure.
  • 4e1,4e2:The washer has an issue with the temperature,check with the temperature sensor.The machine could be overheating,switch off the machine for a while.
  • 5e,1e,2e,f02,0e,:This indicates that the washing machine is not draining properly because of a blockage, the drainage system is blocked or the drainage pump is faulty.
  • 33e:Machine has detected an issue with the water inlet pipe.Could be loose after relocating the machine,ensuring all parts are intact.
  • Dp error:The drainage pump is faulty,the errors vary with different makes.
  • B01,f06 error:Heating problem,check heating elements.
  • Ao1 error:Is a door lock/switch issue.
  • 1e and e7 error:Is a samsung water sensor issue.
  • Error eb,ea,3e1,3e2,32a,3a4 error;common on Samsung washing machines,indicates an error with the spin motor.
  • CL error code;child lock error
  • FE error code:Overflow,mostly on LG washing machine.
  • UE error code;imbalanced washing machine.
  • 6e Samsung error:The washer has a heating problem,the thermistor could be faulty,reach us on 0790076362.
  • F18 error code:Issue with the control power board.
  • PE error code:Problem with the water sensor,leakage or water input.
  • Plo,f04or phi Samsung error:A problem with power supply,check with power fuse,power regulator.Call in a technician for this.
  • De error codes:An issue with the door lock or switch,could also display ed error.Lock the door properly,if it persists call a washer expert.
  • Fe error code;problem with the fan.
  • Error code,le1,le,112,e9:Leakage error,causing water shortage in the drum.
  • Error code e3 and Oe;Overflow error,check the inlet valves.
  • E4/uE:An imbalance washing machine or overload.
  • Error code F02,UC;power issue,power off the machine and call a technician.
  • Error F8:Heating problem,check heating sensor.

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