Samsung and LG appliances are arguably the appliances,durable and with readily available spare parts.

They are quite pricey compared to other brands like mika,hotpoint,ramtons,ariston,beko,bruhm.

Bosch,whirlpool,AEG and Siemens appliances are of high quality but it becomes hard to get a spare part because they don’t have a service centre like LG and Samsung.

Do not be discouraged to get a brand of your choice,we are the best technicians who have experience in repairing all makes of appliances.

We try to source high quality spare parts for all brands,same day or next day service.

We are your local appliance repair technicians near you.

One of the common questions clients ask us is why the same brands in Europe,United states or the Middle east don’t last in kenya and what is the average lifespan of a laundry  washing machine,fridge,dishwasher,oven stove,cooker and dishwasher.

Many factors are considered for a machine to last;

  • Electricity power supply,frequent power surge affects electric appliances,very common in kenya.
  • Ensure your electric appliance has a power guard,just like the fridge your washing machine needs a 13AMP power guard to protect it from power surge.
  • Type of water used on your washer,borehole water destroys water inlet valves forcing you to get them replaced frequently.
  • Low water pressure strains the water inlet valves,they overheat and later fail.
  • General service and maintenance.Most clients do not service their machine unless it breaks down.
  • Using the wrong soap,liquid soap is recommended.
  • Too much soap strains the machine which brings SD error,sadding.
  • Overloading,you have a lot of laundry?then go for a bigger machine or wash in turns.Over loading destroys the drum,bearings,the motor and the spider.The repair is costly.
  • Outdoor washing machine should be well covered.If not,it is exposed to dust and the rain which makes up the electric parts on the machine.Get a washer cover as low as 1200 from Naivas,game,tuskys,carrefour.
  • Imbalance;An imbalance washing machine vibrates making noise.The motor belt might fall off,the water pipes become loose causing the machine to leak,bearings get damaged as well.

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