Washing machine fills and drains water at the same time;

Most common cause for this is syphoning.Check behind the machine,the drainage water pipe might be lying on the ground.Raise the pipe and see if this stops,it definitely should.If not,the water drainage pump is faulty,this needs cleaning or replacement.

Washing machine won’t fill in water:

A machine that can not fill in water won’t wash,it will drain then stop.First thing first,check your water supply source,it might be off if not,check the inlet pipe and the sieves.

At times these two clogs with dirt that blocks free flow of water.

If the above does not help you then you need to check the inlet valves,they might be faulty and need a replacement.Home appliances repair has technicians near you who can help you clean and repair the solenoid valves before thinking of getting new ones.

If the issue persists after replacing the valves,the issue is the control panel board.

Washing machine stops mid circle:

Several things might cause the machine to stop mid circle;

Water shortage.Follow the procedure mentioned earlier.

Drainage issue.The washing machine will stop if the machine does not drain,for it to rinse,the washer has to remove the dirty water.Check for a clogged drainage pipe/pump.

Motor issue:If the motor is faulty,the machine will drain,fill water the stop cause the drum won’t rotate.

Water sensor;A faulty sensor can be problematic to troubleshoot,might cause the washer to stop mid circle.

Power control panel;A faulty board wont communicate with other programs,the washing machine will stop mid circle,this should be the last resort,solution is to replace the control panel.

The washing machine overfills with water/flooding;

First determine if the water overfills if the machine fills with water when powered off,if so,then replace the solenoid water inlet valves.

A flooded washing machine is dangerous,immediately power down the washing machine and switch off the electricity  to avoid electric shock and water splashing over to the control panel,motor,sound filter,sensor and valves.

Clear the floor and remove water from the emergency hose pipe or put the drain pipe flat on the floor,use syphoning to remove water.

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Once you drain water,kindly check with the solenoid inlet valves,they are the main cause of overflowing washing machines.

Water inlet sensors check the water level;if faulty,it will communicate with the solenoid valves to continue filling the drum with water.

Problem persists?get the power control panel checked.

The washing machine wont spin;

Check the following before you call in a washing machine technician;

Drainage,normally,the washing machine will only spin when the drum is empty.

The washing machine will do the normal washing then drain to spin or rinse.

Kindy check of any blockages and the drainage pump.

Not spinning yet,open at the back of your machine,check if the spin belt is intact.

Return it,the washer should be able to spin.

If the belt is intact,check if the motor is running,if not call in a technician to troubleshoot the motor and the control board.

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