Replacement of the oven insulator/ cotton wool/ fibre. Rewiring using high heat wires and asbestos insulators. Replacement of heating elements. Repair and replacement of thermal couples and gas taps. Repainting of worn out or burnt parts of the cooker. Repair of cookers that goes of immediately you let go the the knob. Servicing and maintenance of the gas system. Repair of a cooker that overheats on the oven part. fixing of burners that produces soot. Installation of single and three face cookers. Repair of cookers that have faulty components such as the simfer switches, heating elements, hotplates, inductors, electric start, electric and analogue timers and bells,  broken door hinges and glasses, faulty gas cooker regulator, oven grill motor, gas jets and nozzles, gas cooker burners among others. Some of the problems we fix are . No power to cooker . Main oven has power but doesn’t heat up . Grill has power but doesn’t heat up . cooker Oven cuts out . cooker burns food . Units adjacent to cooker are burning . Control knobs and door are getting too hot . cooker door won’t close properly or has fallen off . Units adjacent to oven are burning