LG,Ramtoms,bosch,mika,hisence LG,Samsung von hotpoint repair service centre for your laundry washing machine in kINOO.We a phone call away.WE are an independent company with specialised technicians.We strive in offering quick and professional services.Same day service.

We also have genuine parts at affordable prices in kinoo.

We also sell bosch,von hotpoint,ramtoms and samsung spare parts that is,drain motors,solenoid inlet valves,drainage and inlet valves,fridge compressors,thermostarts,gas jets,washing machine door locks,water pressure sensors,gaskets,spin motors,hall sensor,etc.

We offer the following services in kinoo;fridge repair,refilling fridge gas,compressor replacement,laundry washing machine bearing replacement,laundry washing machine repair and maintenance,gas cooker repair,oven glass replacement,jets replacement etc.

Common laundry washing machine problems;Washing machine not spinning,not draining water,stops midcircle,vibrates and makes strange noise,does not fill with water or it is overflooding,washing machine has a leakage or wont power on.
Dish washer is staining utensils,leaking or it is overflooding.
Fridge is leaking gas.
Fridge working but freezer is not.

Looking for affordable appliances repair near you?Our phones are on 24 hours 7 days a week.

Contanct us through 0790076362 for;
washing machine repair in kinoo.
Fridge gas refill in kinoo.Common issue when both compartmemts are warm but lights are on,
Tumbler/dryer repair in kinoo.
Washing machine installation in kinoo.We also offer plumbing services,extra hose pipes,machine balancing and removal of transportation nuts and bolts that cause vibration.
oven cooker repair in kinoo.Common issues,oven not working but cooker is okay,cooker has a faint flame,some cooker knobs not working or missing,timer is faulty.
Gym appliances maintenance in kinoo.Faulty treadmills,slipping treadmill and gym bike belts,broken/warn out gym pulleys,loose nuts and bolts and some appliances not powering.
Affordable appliance repair at kinoo.No call out fee.You only pay after diagnostics.
Dishwasher installation in kinoo.Common problems are;dish washer not draining water,doorlock errors,dishwasher is leaving dirt particles on utensils,the dishwasher has a bad smell or wont power on,display not working,not flinng withy water or has syphoning.

We have qualified technicians who repaired ex UK,US and other brands from UK like Zanussi,whirlpool,rusell hobbs,bosch,AEG,siemens,electrolux,Elba,toshiba etc.